Reply To: Post on “Akusala-Mūla Upapatti Paṭicca Samuppāda”

Tobias G

Ok, understood. More questions:

Everything in this world is created with PS processes. What is the PS for “getting a glass of water from the kitchen”? For that to happen the person will get the urge to have a glass of water. That requires a sense input. The mind will stick to that idea and act upon. Which PS?

What is namarupa? Is it gati or just mind made ideas, concepts, plans? That was my last point above: Kamma is energy created via sankhara and stored in the mental plane, so it is namarupa? Kamma seems to be apart from citta, cetasika and rupa. But in the ultimate reality that cannot be.

This question about namarupa is linked to pati+iccha. What one likes/dislikes is stored as namarupa, so it is memory or namagotta?
Vb6 explains it that way: “Tattha katamaṁ viññāṇapaccayā nāmarūpaṁ? Atthi nāmaṁ, atthi rūpaṁ. Tattha katamaṁ nāmaṁ? Vedanākkhandho, saññākkhandho, saṅkhārakkhandho— idaṁ vuccati “nāmaṁ”. Tattha katamaṁ rūpaṁ? Cattāro mahābhūtā, catunnañca mahābhūtānaṁ upādāyarūpaṁ— idaṁ vuccati “rūpaṁ”. Iti idañca nāmaṁ, idañca rūpaṁ.”

The akusala mula PS works only for abhisankhara (punna/apunna..). Thus is namarupa just pancaupadanakkandha?

Is there a difference between namarupa and dhamma and pancakkandha?