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Tobias G

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“4. But in a jhāna samāpatti, a single manōdvāra citta vīthi goes on uninterrupted for long times, with javana citta arising unceasingly :

B B B B B “BC BU MD J J J J J J J J J J J ………..

Thus there is no way to get back to the bhavaṅga state, or for a pañcadvāra citta vīthi or another manōdvāra citta vīthi to arise, and one becomes unaware of what happens in the outside world. Before getting into the samāpatti, one makes a determination on how long to stay in the samāpatti.
This is why the real power of javana citta can be truly displayed by people who can get into jhāna samāpatti. …”

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#1: “..Such javana cittā are responsible for abhisaṅkhāra, those saṅkhāra that are potent and will lead to (good or bad) consequences. Punnabhisaṅkhāra are the meritorious abhisaṅkhāra that will lead to good results, and apuññābhisaṅkhāra are the immoral abhisaṅkhāra that lead to adverse outcomes. ..”