Reply To: Sakkaya vs Sakkaya ditthi


I have mentioned previously that some parts of the English translations of Waharaka Thero’s discourses are NOT correct.
Please don’t post any more of these “translated” videos.
– Translations are as good as the understanding of the translator.
– I am sure that most parts are OK, but I don’t have time to make corrections for incorrect/incomplete translations.

It is not correct to say, “Once the five aggregates disintegrate, the perception of the “I” disappears from there.” as quoted by the TripleGemStudent above.
– The five aggregates DO NOT disintegrate. I am not sure what the translator meant by that statement.
Only the craving for the five aggregates is stopped totally at the Arahant stage., i.e., there is no pancupadanakkhandha for an Arahant.
– As I explained in my detailed response above, the “past component” of the five aggregates cannot change. They have become namagotta or memories. They never change.

TripleGemStudent: If you go through the two subsections that I provided links to, you should be able to clarify these issues.
– If you don’t understand any given bullet # in a given post, please quote that and ask a question. It is pointless to describe the same things again and again.

P.S. The comments by Lang are correct.