Reply To: Sakkaya vs Sakkaya ditthi


Hi TripleGemStudent,

what I said about breath meditation was just a side comment. We here know how pervasive it is that breath meditation is wrongly interpreted as anapanasati, and anatta as no self.

For the topic at hand, we know that:

Sakkaya = pancupadanakkhandha
sakkāya ditthi = wrong views that sakkaya is worthwhile to be taken as me, mine, the 20 ways you mentioned.

… and also
pancupadanakkhandha is a subset of pancakkhandha

You said:
“Sakkaya is the origin of Sakkaya Ditthi.”

— I tend to think that Sakkaya Ditthi is “in” pancupadanakkhandha (probably in the sankharakkhanda).

“…But even with Sakkaya Ditthi removed one would still Sakkaya until one has removed all Avija.”

— This is true. Sakkaya Ditthi is removed at the sotapanna stage. At this stage, there is still pancupadanakkhandha, but it has reduced by a “huge” amount.

“As long as the pancakkhandha is there for the satta, the “perception” of “I, me” or mana will be there.”

— I’d say that “As long as pancupadanakkhandha is there …”
For an arahant, there is still pancakkhandha (until parinibbana), but no perception of “I, me” or mana.