Reply To: Does this sound like Sotapanna?


The following post is from TripleGemStudent:

“Now whenever I feel myself craving something, and especially if I allow myself to think thoughts related to it, I feel pain instead of whatever it felt like before. Is this magga phala?”

I went through a similar experience but a little bit different. In this world, no one can tell if another person attained magga phala or not besides the Buddha or that person themselves. In addition to what you’re learning here from the puredhamma website, I recommend you to also check out these video’s for additional teachings on Sotapanna’s.

“Also the post on how to tell if one is a Sotapanna says that one should see the way to Nibanna. I don’t know if I see that, only that whenever I act on craving it causes pain.”

It is taught that one of the things that Sotapanna’s sees/knows the world as/is Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta and sees/knows Nibbana as/is nicca, sukha, atta.

In regards to why you are feeling pain when you’re craving for something, the Buddha dhamma Paticca Samuppada is one of the teachings that can give you some answers. Hint: Paticca Samuppada cycles. As well have you understood the four noble truths correctly? Let me know if you are able to figure this out or what answers you came up with own understanding/knowing/seeing of the Buddha Dhamma

Something to keep in mind, it is taught that when one is trying to understand/see dukkha, it should not be through vedana/feeling, but with wisdom.

With Metta,