Reply To: Does this sound like Sotapanna?


Hello coolguy16,

You seem to have personally experienced the stress caused by “pleasurable activities” such as playing video games.
– That is a good start.
– Keep learning Dhamma and things will become more clear.
– When one gets to the Sotapanna stage, one’s mind will get to a “peaceful state.” It is not a sudden drop but is a gradual reduction.

First, when one starts seeing the root causes of stress as cravings, one would gradually start losing those cravings for playing video games, watching useless movies, etc.
– With time, one would feel the relief. That provides the confidence to learn more.
– We have the wrong view/perception that those mind-pleasing activities are good for us. It is not that different when a fish bites into a tasty bait. The fish does not see the dangers there.