Reply To: Walking Meditation


Those are good suggestions by Chrisitan and Sotapanna Anugami.
– There are no “formal guidelines” separately for walking meditation. I think I know why people think there are such “techniques.” Many years ago, I attended a meditation retreat where they taught “walking meditation.” One was supposed to walk slowly just putting one step in front of the other very slowly. It was an embarrassingly foolish exercise. But there were many who seriously engaged in that ritual.

Any type of jhana is good.
– But the problem with anariya jhana is that people get “stuck”. They are drawn to the jhanic pleasure may not be able to go beyond that.

However, there is an important point regarding jhana.
– It is impossible for one to be “attached to sense pleasures” and be able to cultivate jhana.
– Even to get anariya jhana, one must be living a life without sex and even other types of sense pleasures.
– The point here is that when one overcomes kama raga (giving preference to sense pleasures) and attains a jhana, one can clearly see the superiority of jhanic pleasures over sense pleasures.
– This is why ancient yogis were willing to go deep into the jungles to be away from sense attractions.

However, when one comprehends Buddha Dhamma (Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana) one will be able to live a normal life and gradually cultivate the path. One may not get to Ariya jhana until the Anagami stage, but one would be free from the apayas if one gets to the Sotapanna Anugami stage.
– Many people get discouraged because they cannot cultivate either type of jhana. But cultivating jhana is like learning to ride a bike. It is easier for those who had cultivated anariya jhana in recent past lives.

Just forget about jhanas and follow the Path. Learn about Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana and contemplate on them. The goal is to be free of samsaric suffering, not seeking jhanic pleasures.
– All living beings (including those in animal or niraya realms) had cultivated jhana and had been born in the highest Brahma realms many times in this beginningless samsara.