Reply To: Walking Meditation


I agree that Bhavana isn’t only about “formal meditation” session, what i am asking is has Ven.Waharaka Thero gave specific instruction about “formal walking meditation”. the procedure etc

Rain retreat itself is all about Bhavana in formal meditation session (4 posture) which is deemed faster method to purifying mind isnt?
Ven Sona himself seem like attain the Arahant Stage by doing formal session in 4 posture with suitable proportion to him. so i think it might be important to know how to do formal session in each of 4 posture (started with walking meditation because now day we already know sitting session, and i have a doubt regarding walking meditation that taught nowday isnt what Buddha taught).

and if you will, may i ask about your opinion about whether Ven.Sona is Ariya/Sotapanna when he received that training instructions? i want to know is it possible for Sotapanna to quit “holy life” and making merit thing (if he is Sotapanna then it mean he has view that making merit will help to attain Arahant Stage)..

*some background (im 28) or progress in knowledge for what i learn from this Teaching is all about cultivating 8 Noble Path with assapassasa method (take in good quality and leave bad quality, to change gati or to mold our gati to becoming like Ariya’s) such as:

avoiding dasa akusala as much as possible, cultivate dasa kusala and do punna kamma with right view/understanding in order to purify action-speech-mind (5 hindrance is weaken/cleaned/ not only suppressed) until certain extent so this mind (i or me) can receptive to Dhamma (Tilakkhana/PS/4 Noble Truth) and attain Ariya Stages.

another question is do you think that people who attain Anariya Jhana when they come across this Teaching will benefit more/faster in attain Ariya Stages?

i have this view that people have many types of gati, some might become Ariya by Cetovimutti or Pannavimutti. So some might attain with or while hearing Desana, some might attain while formal meditation session (sit,walk,stand or laying down) is my view/understanding about Cetovimutti or Pannavimutti flawed?

So based on this view, i’m trying to adjust which faculty (Ceto or Panna) need to be cultivate first (i know both is needed and must be cultivated until certain extent). unfortunately there is no excellent teacher like Bhagava anymore right now who know beings tendency and gati -> give the training set accordingly, we can only analyse by ourself.

its all about consistency and to find suitable method to advance in the Path for this “i/me” with not yet Ariya gati but want some “hacks”. i think if i add walking meditation in my routine maybe it might do the trick or at least help until certain extent, that’s why i want to know how to do proper walking meditation session:)