Reply To: Feeling VERY cold after meditation.

Sotapanna anugami

Actually I am trying to cultivate Jhana and during meditation I am fine and good, but as soon as I ‘End it’ and ‘Get up or sitting down with changed posture’, I feel very cold and I think the wintery weather is alleviating that ‘after cool spree’.

– Its amazing that during the meditation, despite winters, the ‘cool pleasure’ in body is ‘soothing’ but this sukha is very different from the sudden drop down of temperature and cold shivering ‘after’ coming out of Jhana.
– This aftermath coldness is a hindrance for my Jhana cultivation, if it would be summers then I think this aftermath wouldn’t be a problem.

“The ultimate goal of meditation is to cultivate Panna (wisdom) and realize the unfruitfulness AND dangers in the rebirth process.”

-Yes sir, This is what I used to do mostly, I was never been able to sit in meditation for long, actually I NEVER tried to meditate because I am glad that I found the real meaning of meditation i.e. ‘contemplation’ in the first place, so I never did any formal sitting or a ‘procedure'(Kammathana), but contemplated on dhamma concepts walking or sitting casually.
– But recently, I am not left with Dhamma concepts to contemplate during a walk or to say it other way, everything has fit nicely into the big picture, I have ‘seen’ the way to Nibbana and I want to get there quickly.
– So, I am practicing to remove Kama Raga and Patigha via 1st Ariya Jhana, It is not requiring ‘efforts’ to get into Jhana because I always focused on purifying the mind and connecting the dots and contemplation, meditation was out of the question. But STUBBORN Kama Raga and Patigha, I think can only go by the mastering the first absorption, but the cold shivering or winters is coming in the way.

Again all thanks to you, Venerable Waharakha Thero, and the Buddha!
May all beings attain the only happiness of Nibbana.