Reply To: 3 Kinds of Vedanā (Feelings)


can we say, in regard to Metta Bhavana (whether ariya or mundane) wishing for all being become happy, become Ariyas, is categorized as focusing/cultivating on somanassa vedana type of samphassa-ja-vedana?

can you give example or elaborate more about “vedanā are neutral feelings but could lead to uddacca, kukkucca, or vicikicca (basically not sure about what to do)”, what should i do if i become aware of neutral feeling whether at formal meditation sesion or while walking or eating?

is vēdanānupassanā all about seeing 3 kinds of vipaka vedana as suffering;dart;anicca and cooling down the samphassa-ja-vedana?

how does one become skillful in regard to vēdanānupassanā, please give some daily example