Reply To: NDE experiences


I had watched the above video a couple of years ago and had forgotten the details. I watched it again yesterday.

Key points from the video:

1. The author, Eben Alexander, is a neurosurgeon whose brain was attacked by a bacterium and the neocortex was “virtually destroyed.”

2. Thus, his brain COULD NOT have made up any illusions, according to the attended doctors.

3. He had been adopted at an early age, but he found the biological parents later in his life.

4. He describes the NDE experience as a “visit to heaven” because of his faith in Christianity.

5. He met a “beautiful girl” during the NDE experience. She was a total stranger to him.

6. AFETR the NDE experience, he was shown a picture of a biological sister of his who had died many years ago, BEFORE he met his biological parents. Then he recognized that girl as the “beautiful girl” that he saw during the NDE experience.

That last revelation comes at the very end of the video. I think it is worthwhile to watch the whole video carefully.