Reply To: Maha Brahma’s Domain


It turns out that I have discussed parts of this sutta in the post, “Anidassana Viññāṇa – What It Really Means” starting at #12.
– But it is a good idea to read the whole post.

In #12, I discuss the background of why the Buddha made a trip to Brahma loka to meet the Baka Brahma, who came to the wrong view that he was the supreme entity controlling the world. The verse that Vinh quoted is part of a verse that Baka Brahma uttered saying that he was “in control” of the whole world made of pathavi, āpo, tejo, vāyo.
– The Buddha explained to him that there were higher Brahma worlds that Baka Brahma was not even aware of.

The English translation of the sutta, “On the Invitation of Brahmā” is good enough to see that context.
– But the translation of some deep verses in the sutta like, “viññāṇāṁ anidassanaṁ anantaṁ sabbato pabhaṁ..” is not good in that translation.

Anyway, please feel free to ask questions if this is not clear.
– Please refer to specific verses or bullet #s in my post when asking questions.