Reply To: Waharaka Thero English Subs Discourse


The words “pancakkhandha” and “panca upadanakkhadha” could sound too abstract.

It could be easier to visualize “world” and “those things in the world that one craves“.

Each person’s “pancakkhandha” or the “world” is his/her own.
– In the same way, “panca upadanakkhadha” is one’s own. Different people crave different things.

With those cravings, a person would think, speak, and do deeds via mano, vaci, and kaya sankhara with the hope of “enjoying life.”
– But one generates MOST of those sankhara with avijja (“avijja paccaya sankhara“), because one does not realize the long-term bad consequences of such desires. In particular, any immoral deeds done (with the mind, speech, or actions) WILL lead to dangerous consequences.

It is good to think in terms of Noble Truths, Paticca Samuppada, and Tilakkhana. They are all inter-connected.
– Of course, the “big picture” of a rebirth process among 31 realms must be contemplated.