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TripleGemStudent asked: “Have I understood this correctly? At 39:57 of the video. The subtitle says the “Dukkhaskandha (the aggregate of suffering) is panchaskandha. Is that the same as saying the pancakkhandha is dukkha?

I have been contemplating on this recently and still am. “Is the Pancakkhandha dukkha?” The answer that I’m able to come up with, pancakkhandha “is” dukkha, but it’s not the cause of dukkha..”

Yes. You understood correctly.

– Pancakkhandha is dukkha.
– But one is still “engaged with pancakkhandha” because one had made causes for the current human body to ARISE via panca upadanakkhadha (i.e., craving for pancakkhandha) in previous lives.
– This current body is a RESULT. It will have to bear any suffering that comes with it (Ven. Moggallana was beaten to death, and even the Buddha had some ailments and an injury).

We need to ALWAYS think about suffering from INSIGHT/WISDOM, and NOT with FEELINGS.

The CAUSE of FUTURE suffering is panca upadanakkhadha.

P.S. In other words, what an average human perceives to be “pleasure” is actually the CAUSE of future suffering (only Noble Persons, who have comprehended Noble Turths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana, can see that).