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Waharaka Thero – Universal Truth Exposure | Episode 07 – Know the Thilakuna

Have I understood this correctly? At 39:57 of the video. The subtitle says the “Dukkhaskandha (the aggregate of suffering) is panchaskandha. Is that the same as saying the pancakkhandha is dukkha?

I have been contemplating on this recently and still am. “Is the Pancakkhandha dukkha?” The answer that I’m able to come up with, pancakkhandha “is” dukkha, but it’s not the cause of dukkha. To me “is” and “cause” of dukkha is two different things, but can be one of the same. The “cause” of dukkha is of course the panca upadanakkhandha or tanha. From what I contemplated on, the Panca upadanakkhanda is the kamma or the causes of dukkha, while pancakkhandha is the vipaka or the effect of dukkha. One can argue that there is sukha vipaka in the pancakkhandha, but the sukha vipaka is anicca and anatta for sure. It’s like the bait on the fishing hook. The pancakkhandha is the bait, while the panca upadanakkhandha is biting on the bait.


Another way that I support my answer to the question “Is the pancakkhandha dukkha?”. Is that the pancakkhandha belongs to this world that is anicca, dukkha, anatta or “Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa samudayō hōti “. Nibbana, which is the end of suffering, there is no pancakkhandha. There’s also other ways that I can think of to support my answer. If anyone has any feedback or notice any gaps in my understanding, please do share.