Reply To: Post on “Nāma Loka and Rupa Loka – Two Parts of Our World”


Which suttas refer to the nāma-lōka?
(Or even commentaries or sub-commentaries?)

This concept of a nāma-lōka makes sense yet searching for it in the suttas, for additional, canonical reference, has been unfruitful. Most hits are to nāma-rūpa, one the 12 nidāna, yet that is not conceptualized as a “lōkaper se; whereas, the rūpa and arūpa realms are both adequately described in the cosmology.

Perhaps nāma-lōka is a more clear and direct identifier for arūpa-lōka instead of a name that merely negates rūpa-lōka to describe this higher realm. Section 9 of the post seems to suggest this, yet it’s not evident. It seems odd that such an apt term, nāma-lōka, which ties up many loose threads, seems so elusive in the canon.

Any canonical reference or guidance would be appreciated.