Reply To: The Pathway to Absolute Freedom, Bliss


The link provided by Christian did not work. I have provided a valid link for the pdf.

That book was written by Dr. Chula Goonasekera.

He sent me a copy to proofread, and I did not have time to go through it. But I did make some suggestions on the spelling of Pali words.
– I see that he has not changed the spellings but has made a comment about it at the end of the Preface.
– The above is the final version that he sent me recently.

Sri Lankans spell Pali words in a unique way according to how the words are actually pronounced. Therefore, the Pali word “anicca” is written as “anichcha,” for example.
– See, “Tipitaka English” Convention Adopted by Early European Scholars – Part 1” and the second part referred to in there.

As I mentioned to the author, I did not have time to go through the booklet.
– But if anyone has questions, please refer to the relevant page number.
– If I cannot respond to a question, I can ask him to respond.