Reply To: If I am understanding a being, Nirodha Samapatti and Parinibbana correctly.

Sotapanna anugami

Thank you Mr.Lang and Lal sir for clearing my misunderstanding.

… all beings suffer from Dukha dukha every single moment.”
Yes, it should not be Dukkha dukkha, but it could be our inability to maintain our current Bhava(any state of mind or body) for long, which is of anicca nature and will lead to dukha if we get attached to that state or bhava.
But we will only get helpless if we have craving for that bhava in the first place. And thus, we can choose not crave for it and see its drawbacks, and thus by removing asavas, we can avoid much of the suffering caused by that craving. and eventually remove all future suffering by attaining Nibbana.
-And I think having nicca nature of Bhava will cause Vipareenama dukha.