Reply To: If I am understanding a being, Nirodha Samapatti and Parinibbana correctly.



You said about dukkha dukkha:

“… all beings suffer from Dukha dukha every single moment.”

My understanding is that it is always dukkha in the long run (until magga phala), and the most intense dukkha is in the apāyā.

The apāyā may be where dukkha is every single moment. In the kama loka from the human realm up, there is plenty of āmisa sukha to be had, and this is why we’re bound. Lal has many posts on āmisa sukha vs nirāmisa sukha.

In the brahma loka, beings just enjoy jhanic pleasures for the duration of the bhava.

Thank you for posting the desana of Waharaka Thero.