Reply To: My experience and a question

Sotapanna anugami

They are blaming their faults on you, so it’s clear that they are lying(any misconduction of information). You should see they are committing dasa akusala in front of you, and inflicting lot of suffering on themselves in reality. Now, being blamed is only a kamma vipaka to you but lying is a new akusala kamma for them, which is going to bring much suffering for them. One’s you would have seen that it’s like a child infront of you is playing with a time bomb which has colorful buttons to attract the child, the obvious reaction would be to snatch that bomb or stop him from that; similarly for those people, maybe you cannot tell right away that you are going to suffer much due to this, and as you cannot say or do anything for their suffering, it’s obvious to feel pity and sad for them. Then, the only thing you could do is what Lal sir has suggested cultivating loving and kind thoughts for them. Now suppose that you didn’t snatched the time bomb from child right away because you thought it would make him cry, then once it will explode, you would be left with no option other than to take blame on yourself; similarly, you are only one maybe who can tell them about ten immoral acts( whenever you see a right time, just tell them casually about ten immoral acts divided into the one committed in mind, by speech and by action. Don’t worry, if the father of the child stopped you from taking the bomb away and asked you to leave them alone; if they didn’t listened, took interest or said something bad to you on the contrary, repeat the same contemplation, but this time you are no longer responsible in any way for their suffering, so there is no need to emphasize or tell them about morality again. But as they are causing suffering to themselves infront of you, you are bound to feel compassionate for them, when both father and child are sitting near the bomb unaware of the consequences; whenever you will see them, you will simply feel so sorry,sad and pity for them.