Reply To: Addressing need of listening to Desanas + My questions to Lal sir.

Sotapanna anugami

Thank you very much sir for clearing my misconception on both the topics. I was thinking that sometime in future I would experience something that would make it certain for me that Sotapanna stage is attained. But now I should be observing my gati(thoughts and tendencies which surface automatically); along with contemplation.
P.S. for my last reply: Thank you sir for Triple gem blessings, I forgot to mention this.

Sir, so the Sotapanna Phala moment will happen but person will not be aware of it at that time and then after that gradually one will see such significant changes in his gati and mental state that he will be sure that he has attained Sotapanna stage.
Thank you sir, no more doubts.
Much gratitude and respect for you Sir.