Reply To: Addressing need of listening to Desanas + My questions to Lal sir.

Sotapanna anugami

Sir you asked:
But I just wanted to make sure that you understand the following.
– Just engaging in sense pleasures (especially eating good food or avoiding physical hardships) is not a hindrance to progress. In fact, one needs to be healthy to cultivate the path.
– The problem is CRAVING sensory pleasures. One with such cravings constantly thinks about MORE sense pleasures.

Yes sir, you are absolutely right, I mentioned that when I saw that there is sadness and it couldn’t be avoided, I focused all my might on finding what is causing this sadness?, I started observing my past experiences and started finding when I got sad? and why? With much thinking I came up with my self made conclusions obviously which were wrong.
Sir but these are now only stored in my Nama gotta(memory) and I just viewed them when I was writing, with hadaya vathu.These do NOT exist in my current world view and I am 100% sure and certain for this fact. Because my world view is what Buddha taught and it is certainly established deeply because in starting days with this site I used to read about different realms only, this world view of 31 realms was being tested by my logic and also was deeply contemplated upon, I used to think about each realm, their nature and nature of beings there.

And yes sir I now know that rupā(things) also possess pleasant, unpleasant or neutral nature(arammana) and related Vedana(feeling) is generated when they come in contact with corresponding senses.Instead of running away from it or suppressing it, I just simply look at the deep seated anusayas which come at surface as asavas, when a strong arammana usually comes because after that I will know what I have to contemplate upon now. I used to take adequate diet for my studies and contemplation now so that’s not the issue now,Every single doubt is simply erased now I am not a seeker, or finder, I am a follower of Buddha’s teachings.
And thank you sir for replying and my gratitude for you for providing true buddha dhamma.
Sir just one question,
Q)I have contemplated much on teachings related to Sotapanna stage and still do frequently that’s why I named myself Sotapanna anugami :) and only two aspects are remaining listening and kalyana mittā. So nowadays I am contemplating on surfacing asavas and trying to see their anicca nature.

My question is if a person has contemplated everything that one requires to be a Sotapanna and didn’t observed any phala moment for much long then what could be the reason for it like Ven Sariputta? and in that case should he continue with his contemplation on those gati which are removed at skadagami stage because they could also be contemplated to some extent and make them weaker to some extent? Like for me acts previously committed with patigaha(mild hate) and uddakka(high mindedness) or ego/pride are surfacing these days, now I know uddakka cannot be removed completely but I used to contemplate precisely on that act and try to realize it’s consequences if I ever commit them again.
Q.2)Sir please explain what is kalyana mittā and when and how should I search him,No one talked about buddha dhamma ever to me, and I also avoid telling it to others because I am not an Ariya yet, Sir as you have told when you found Venerable Sir Waharakha Thero’s Desanas, you also tried to tell about it to your friends but they didn’t listen, So sir Is it necessary to have a kalyana mittā to attain Sotapanna stage who has attained Sotapanna himself, I think it’s difficult to find someone who even know Buddha’s true teaching not distorted one,A Sotapanna is too rare in my locality and it’s not easy to check him either.

My topmost trust is in my parents that they would never do wrong to me and always think right for their children all parents love their children the most and in teaching right buddha dhamma I only trust you as of now.

My respect and gratitude for you Lal sir.