Reply To: Dhammanan?


The word “dhamma” may have different meanings depending on the context.

1. In Buddha Dhamma it refers to “teachings”.

2. The verse that you refer to “eva me tassa dhammanan samudhayo hoti” in Kusala-Mula P.S. refers to “an understanding of Buddha Dhamma”. Specifically, it refers to understanding the Noble Truths.
– That verse is the last step in Kusala-Mula P.S.
– That becomes clear when you look at the corresponding last verse in the Akusala-Mula P.S.: “Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa samudayō hōti

3. However, in most cases, “dhamma” refers to “anidassana appatigha rupa” that makes contact with the hadaya vatthu (seat of the mind) and generates mano vinnana.
That happens via, “manañca paṭicca dhamme ca uppajjāti manoviññāṇaṃ.”
– These dhamma are the ones that bring kamma vipaka at times and also bring past memories to the mind.