Reply To: Getting rid of ‘Sakkaya Ditthi’ via “dassanā pahātabbā”


The following is an excerpt from page 29 of Neththiprakaranaya.
There are two fields in which fetters can be eradicated; namely the field of vision (දර්ශන භූමිය) and the field of meditation (භාවනා භූමිය). The first three fetters namely Sakkayaditti, Vichichicha and Seelabbathaparamasa can be eradicated in the field of vision. Through meditation, Kamachchanda, Vyapada, Ruparaaga, Aruparaaga, Maana, Udhdhachcha, and Avijjaa can be eradicated.
Does this mean that you do not need to meditate to become a Sothapanna?
Sabbasawa Sutta says that Ditti Asawa can be eradicated via clear vision (දස්සනා පහාතබ්බං).
Please explain how to get to the field of vision (දර්ශන භූමිය) or the clear vision in order to get rid of first three fetters.
Secondly, it is said the conjectual knowledge (අනුමාන ඥානය) is not adequate to get rid of ditti asawa and that one needs to have a perceptual knowledge (ප්‍රත්‍යක්ෂ ඥානය) such as නාම රූප පරිච්ජේද ඥානය gained via vipassanaa meditation. Appreciate if you could elaborate on this as well.

Theruwan saranai.