Reply To: Magga and Phala Event in Sotapanna


“Is it possible that when magga citta occur, one gets into the path and become sotapatti magga puggala.”

No. That is what I explained above.
Magga citta is different from getting into magga (path). Getting into the path DOES NOT require a magga citta.

Magga and phala citta happen within a split second. That is discussed in Abhidhamma.
– See the explanation of citta vithi in “Citta Vīthi – Processing of Sense Inputs

“Citta Vīthi for Attainment of Magga Phala” is discussed at the end of that post.

P.S. The transition from a pothujjana (average human) to a Sotapanna Anugami USUALLY happens GRADUALLY over days/weeks/months. During the time of the Buddha, of course, many got there within a discourse.
– It MAY take some time for an average person to understand the Noble Truth of Suffering, Paticca Samuppada, Tialkkhana, etc. All those are inter-related.
– When one starts understanding them, one realizes the unfruitfulness AND dangers in staying in the rebirth process.