Reply To: Post on Sōtapanna Anugāmi – No More Births in the Apāyās


Tobias asked: “What means paccavekkhana-ñana?”

That means to VERIFY by oneself.

Seeing the truth of something is the first step. That gets rid of the wrong views and one SEES the real nature of the world.

But verifying the truth of that by EXPERIENCE needs more work, more contemplation.

For example, a Sotapnna can SEE the bad consequences of engaging in sensual pleasures.
– However, the tendency to like sensual pleasures is still there. That goes away in two more steps of Sakadagami and Anagami stages.

In other words, a Sotapanna has removed ditthi vipallasa, but still has sanna vipallasa.
Vipallāsa (Diṭṭhi, Saññā, Citta) Affect Sankhāra

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