Reply To: Uddacca-kukkucca explanation please


Hello Ramsden!

Yes. Ther are many interpretations of Pali words. Each person needs to decide which ones make sense. I have explained as I (and Waharaka Thero) have understood them.

The only other thing I can say is the following.
Uddacca-kukkucca is one of five hindrances (panca nivarana) that COVERS the mind and hinders the mind from understanding deeper Dhamma.
– That “covering of the mind” is mainly due to the three immoral roots, lobha, dosa, moha.

All five of the five hindrances have roots in lobha, dosa, and moha in varying degrees and combinations.

P.S. Uddacca and kukkucca are TWO different mental factors (cetasika). Those are different from uddacca-kukkucca, one of the panca nivarana. It is specifically due to uddacca LEADING to kukkucca.
– Kukkucca is removed (together with the uddacca-kukkucca nivarana) at the Sotapanna stage.
– A reduced form of uddacca (a sense of self-importance) remains even after the Anagami stage and is removed only at the Arahant stage.