Reply To: First noble truth


After the e-mail with you Lal, I wrote to y not and I also added this in.

To sum that up or in other words. How can we even start to compare any pleasure gained through sansara vs Nibbana? Anything else besides Nibbana is Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta. We shouldn’t even think about the pleasure gained in the Brahma worlds in the first place.

Have we forgotten what Lord Buddha taught? :D Putting an stop the rebirth process and attain Nibbana. Why should we even think/talk about how much time we spend in the Brahma worlds or in hell? If we understood Lord Buddha’s teachings, then we should follow his advice. “Make haste and attain Nibbana as soon as possible” Regardless I actually enjoy more years of pleasure in the Brahma realms or not, it’s such a trivia/deluded/incorrect thinking. I should be taking Lord Buddha’s advice to make haste and attain Nibbana as soon as possible, because any pleasure gained in sansara is Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta and can’t even be compared to Nibbana.

What are we currently learning/practicing/working towards? NIBBANA. Anything short of Magga Phala is almost a failure on our part.

This is how I would answer to myself and others if they ever have similar thought/thinking/idea as Dr. J Chakam and I once did