Reply To: First noble truth


Hi y not

“we spend 9 months on a good vacation while the remaining 3 months is tortured in the apaya’s?”
I do not clearly recall reading this. Perhaps possibly, but I am not sure.”

– I clearly remembered reading that. I think the question and the answer to it is appropriate to describe what was asked, if my what I’m thinking is correct . . .

– I’m just wondering . . .approximately how many years is an antakkappa? 20 billion?

“I appreciate greatly your value of my contribution, but please now, these are not my teachings. One in the spiritual line of the Buddha discovered the true Teaching, taught it to another in the same line who became an Ariya as well. In my turn, I do my bit to be of help and support to others who may need it, adding my own insight and the fruits of my reflections at times as well, but always ready to be corrected myself.”

– Please continue to contribute/discuss as well. I feel a joy/gratitude to see your voice. I’m starting to understand why virtuous/noble friends is an important factor on the noble path. I got more to discuss/ask. I’ll type it at a later time.