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“Does that exclude the destruction/remain in state of the Solar system and only applies for the 10 billion year reformation of Earth?” Yes.. See below.

“we spend 9 months on a good vacation while the remaining 3 months is tortured in the apaya’s?”
I do not clearly recall reading this. Perhaps possibly, but I am not sure.

You are right there, TripleGemStudent!

When we say ‘most births are in the apaya’ we mean those brought about by the process of upadhana, abhisakhara and kamma vipaka > bhava > jati. Those bring about results in the various planes WHEN those planes are in existence. When they are not, all beings transfer to realms above the Abhassara brahma realm out of necessity, as it were (or forced). Once those lower realms are reformed, the beings gradually ‘find their place’ according to their gati.

If you are not aware of it, those 4 gradual stages of: duration , process of destruction, state of destruction (non- manifestation), and reformation have been revised to 20 billion years from 10 billion following a comment by the participant Zapper to accord with the duration of three brahma realms. See ‘Dhamma and Science Forum: Confusion about maha kappa’

Your ‘knowing/understanding’ is far from off, 3GS. It seems to me you are able to spot the slightest thing that does not, or may not, make sense. Quite like Zapper, in fact. Guarding against blind belief remains paramount, from wherever and whomsoever the ‘information’ is coming from. Investigation and reflection are in fact tools to get to the Truth.

I appreciate greatly your value of my contribution, but please now, these are not my teachings. One in the spiritual line of the Buddha discovered the true Teaching, taught it to another in the same line who became an Ariya as well. In my turn, I do my bit to be of help and support to others who may need it, adding my own insight and the fruits of my reflections at times as well, but always ready to be corrected myself.

with Metta