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y not

“It is said that the time it took Him to fulfil the paramita (the requirements) spanned the time of 512,000 Buddhas. Taking the number of Buddhas in the last 91 mahakappa, 8, with the estimated duration of a mahakappa ( 80 billion years) as an average, we get : 91/8 x 512,000 x 80×10^9 . Close to 5×10^17 years. Insignificant compared to the all the infinite time before.”

*Tries to calculate the numbers with his hand. . . .* Too big of a number for me . . . Don’t know how or can calculate for me . . . :D

” It is actually impossible, seeing that, until the attainments, most births are in the apaya.”

I’m just wondering when you say most births. Does that exclude the destruction/remain in state of the Solar system and only applies for the 10 billion year reformation of Earth?

I thought we did spend most births/time in the apaya’s, but recently someone brought up a discussion about the destruction/reforming process of the Earth/Star system in the Waharaka Thero’s English discourse sub and how we actually spend more time in the Brahma realms? Lal said something along the lines as an example that we spend 9 months on a good vacation while the remaining 3 months is tortured in the apaya’s? I can no longer find the posts in that sub. Are the posts deleted or moved?

Maybe my knowing/understanding is totally off, but after the above discussion, it seems to me in simple terms that we spend about 30 billion years in the Deva/Brahma realms, and then after the Earth is reformed, the remaining 10 billion years, we come down to the lower realms? From there we start to spend more time in the apaya’s for the 10 billion years. To me, based on this thinking, we seem to actually spend more time in the Brahma realms?

Btw, thank you for your contribution and teachings y not.