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Episode 05 World and it’s real suffering

I would like to thank all the people involved in the distribution of this video, it’s was a tremendous help to me. Much merits to everyone involved. Saddhu saddhu saddhu.

It seems like, no matter how much I read something and understand it intellectually. It feels like it’s not the same when I can explain it/convince to myself or come up with my own examples and experiences to match with what I learned

A few weeks ago, I came to a realization one way for me to understand the Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta nature was like. “Hey wait a minute . . . one way I can understand about Anicca is that I can’t keep/maintain my FIVE SENSES to my satisfaction !! And because of this, I’m constantly in Dukkha and don’t even realize it. This is why I always have the urge to do something with my 5 senses and this can be one way to understand why our existence/reality is Dukkha. In order to satisfy these urges/senses, I have to add more Dukkha Dukkha. (Adding more Dukkha just to satisfy the first Dukkha) In order to do these things. I have to do Sankhara Dukkha. So if I’m doing abhiSankhara, that’s only causing me more Dukkha, just to satisfy the Dukkha I feel from not being able to maintain/keep my 5 senses to my liking! What am I’m doing all this Sankhara Dukkha for?

[ONLY FOR MORE DUKKHA THAT I’M GOING TO CREATE FOR MYSELF IN THE PRESENT AND INTO FUTURE AND ALL FOR WHAT? ANATTA something that’s no essence/unfruitful/meaningless/no refuge”] I felt 18:00 – 18:37 of the video helped me to confirm what I was realizing, it was so helpful.

From this, it helped me understand a little deeper when Lord Buddha used the word “Atteyati” (I’m probably wrong on the spelling) to describe all abhiSankhara. A dog chewing on a meatless bone. .In fact, I also feel like, I’m pouring gasoline on myself . . . When I realized this, I slapped myself on the face a few times and shook my head and said “What have I been doing all this time?” The Buddha Dhamma is so beautiful hahaha.

I’m just wondering, what I mentioned about not able to maintain/keep my 5 senses to my liking/satisfactions. Is it the same or something very similar as to what’s being taught from the 7:20 – 8:04 of the video?

I couldn’t completely understand Dukkha Dukkha for a while, even after reading about it. I’m just wondering would it be appropriate for me (from my own understanding) to say Dukkha Dukkha is having to ADD MORE DUKKHA just to satisfy the baseline Dukkha that I feel from my 5 senses? This extra Dukkha is from having to do more Abhisankhara. As well, another way to describe Dukkha Dukkha is from Vedana that arises in two ways. One from mentally (samphassa ja-vedana, my gati,asava’s getting attached) and another physically (such as physical ailments, pain). I know Lal wrote about this, but I’m just wondering if my own understanding of this Dukkha Dukkha is in line with what Lal has described Dukkha Dukkha as?