Reply To: Most skillful/wise choice in this Mundane world scenario

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In real terms, this is not an altogether theoretical situation. Substitute the two groups with the ruled and the rulers, and ‘C’ with any decent and humane individual, and we have the state of affairs in which the world has always been. And quite apart from any considerations as to magga phala, for that matter.

Governments, regimes, emperors, all types of rulers set out to change, if not the world,the realm where they have influence. But the prime aim remains their own personal interests. The’good and just’,the idealists, the ‘peaceful revolutionaries’ also try to change the world but without any personal motive attached.

One exception in the first category was Emperor Asoka. How did he set out? By changing himself, by turning from the bloody ways of his ancestors. He changed himself FIRST, becoming an ardent follower of the Buddha. He thereby benefited his subjects in both ways – the material and the supermundane.

I have nothing more to add to this.