Reply To: Most skillful/wise choice in this Mundane world scenario


Thank you y not. Much merits to you as well. May these merits help us all attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.

Group B plans, carry’s out, and some takes delight/pleasure in these papa kamma’s. Some intents to kill, while others only care about maximum profits, willing to commit any papa and akusala kamma’s. The papa and akusala kamma’s being committed is mostly random, sometimes targeted. Like a bomb going off and hurting people.

Saddest part is Group A is so blind/deluded/ignorant, that they unconsciously willing to let Group B, plan/carry out these papa kamma’s in front of their faces without even knowing it’s happening. For some, even if people are able to show/provide evidence to them. Majority in group A would think it’s not possible/the evidence is false/doesn’t care. As well, they are the very same people that allows/put the people in Group B in power. Group B controls the whole world in every aspects. Governments/Health industry/Finance/World Organizations/media, etc . . .

Why person C hesitates to tell/show the people in group A is because some of the characteristics of the people in Group A being described as above. As well if people in Group A know’s what people in group B is planning/carrying out, it could create even more hate/anger/fear. Person C could argue, the phase “ignorance is bliss” could be applied for this case . . .

Lal says “Unless this is a real issue, it is not even worth to contemplate too much on “theoretical” cases like this one.”

Unfortunately Person C sees/knows/thinks this is a real case with the same conviction like he has for the triple gem. In fact, he/she believes that this real case has been happening for thousands of years, in the present, and will continue to do so in the future. One can let their imagination run wild, whatever papa kamma one can think off. Person C can almost guarantee it’s being committed and might be even worse than what one can imagine.

Person C is in group A, fortunately he/she has the triple gem. Let’s say, person C thinks if he/she didn’t know the triple gem. Dying naturally asap would be the best choice than what some of the people in Group A will have to go through. Imagine the people in group A are being poisoned slowly (getting sicker). Food and medicine that’s suppose to help people, only makes/keeps them sick. While going through life, being/continue to be exploited at every chance. Continuous being lied to from the very people that’s SUPPOSE TO PROTECT AND SERVER THEM. All one has worked for is being stolen from all because of manipulation, lies, deceptions and greed. For some, not only they have to deal with physical pain/illness, but also the mental torture of how they are going to pay their bills, when they can eat their next meal, how they and their family can survive or if they have shelter. The saddest thing is that the people in Group A doesn’t even know/see/care this is happening. Even if one knows/sees without wisdom, they are still not able to do anything about it. One is so blindly attached to this world, they are almost forced to commit akusala or papa kamma deeds just to survive or have a more “comfortable” life. Tell me, if one knows/sees/convinced about all this, without the triple gem. How does one move forward in this kind of world or situation?

One might say, well Person C better try to tell/show Group A !! But it’s not that simple, Person C also sees/knows/understands that even if he/she can stop all this. What’s to guarantee that person C can stop it a second time and it’s not going to happen again? Person C will share why he/she is totally helpless in these worldly affairs :) I’ll continue on later. May you all attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.