Reply To: Waharaka Thero English Subs Discourse

y not


Having first scrolled back to see what the topic is about exactly before reading the latest here, I had this before me:

“Here is another key point:
Listening is not required to attain the Sotapanna Anugāmi stage.
P.S. In other words, a Sotapanna Anugami is guaranteed to attain the Sotapanna stage.”

And the thought: well, in that case, if listening is not necessary TO GET ONTO the Path, and the Sotapanna Stage itself is guaranteed after that, then LISTENING IS GUARANTEED in between (for the Ven. Thero to be right). And if so, that will be the work of Dhammata in some way.

Then I read Lair’s entry above.!

Plus: I woke up at 01:30 (15’ago). That rarely happens. Normally it is around 05:00. It seems I awoke just for this.