Reply To: Post on Anantara and Samanantara Paccayā


This is a very deep subject, Tobias.

I looked at the original Patthana Pakarana, which consists of three books in the Tipitaka.
– The pdf file that you sent has only a few pages in comparison.

There are 24 conditions (paccaya) in all.
– I have described in simple terms several of those in the section, “Paṭṭhāna Dhamma

It is a good idea to read the first post there, and also to get an idea of the most important “conditions” discussed in that section.
– When I have time, I will describe other conditions as well.

But this is a VERY DEEP subject. We can only get to the “surface level”.
– This is why the Buddha told Ven. Ananda that Paticca Samuppada is a deep subject.

In the pdf that you posted, the author just translates Pali text word-by-word. But if you have the link to the whole translation, you can post it just for the sake of completeness. I have not seen anyone else doing even a word-by-word translation.
– I have not seen anyone who has provided an explanation (in simple terms) other than Waharaka Thero.
– He has discussed those terms in simple terms in a couple of discourses, without going to details.
– Such a simple description is enough to get the basic idea.