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y not wrote: “If one admits to the reality of kamma and kamma vipaka and to opapatika births, including the apayas especially, is this not an indication of having seen, to some extent at least, the dangers in the rebirth process, and therefore has right view there? ”

Yes. That is why the Buddha said there are two types of Samma Ditthi.
– What you say in the above statement is getting to the first (mundane) version of Samma Ditthi.

That DOES NOT remove the ignorance of the Four Noble Truths (embedded in Tilakkhana) that says even rebirths in the “good realms” are NOT the solution.
– The higher level of Samma Ditthi comes from that understanding.

But of course, living a moral life, embedded in the mundane Samma Ditthi. is a critical first step.