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“One may get annoyed with a fly (some can bite too!) because of its persistence.
– So, one may actually “hate the fly” for being annoying!”

True. However, it is possible for anger to be independent of hatred. Annoyance and anger may be at objects or with regard to particular situations where no living beings are involved.

I am in the kitchen and accidentally tip the oil over. (“S**t”!). The oil spills onto the floor. Temperature rising now. I go to fetch a floor cloth, only to find that I had thrown the worn one away the last time I used it. Despair. In the rush of how best to improvise a floor cloth, I hit my toe against a chair leg. Bad language. Very bad language. Uncontrollable anger. At that moment the doorbell or the phone rings! It is some one I love dearly. Now I feel deeply hurt as I see that anger directed at that loved one as I am answering, which is not the case at all.

I have experienced such situations. I am sure others can relate as well. Hatred was not there towards anyone at any time. It was just the obstacles in the way. Whatever harm was done there was done to myself alone. But what if a living being came in my way at that moment?? So there was the harm to myself, and the POTENTIAL harm to others as well.