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Thank you to lal and Y not. The part of that answer is for tomorrow…

Talk with a doctor
Doctor: as I remember having read once, there was a poor family person, but
this kid was a kid who had intelligence so that his parents and brothers thought he would be able to study and graduate. Then the parents and brothers all opened their hands to study for manage to save money to pay for this kid’s studies all went through many difficulties.
This kid then went to college, studied Dhamma and felt deep inspiration
in the Dhamma. When he finished his studies it happened that …, the father, the mother and all the others had great hope that when he was formed he would support the family, he would be able to work and make money by helping the younger brothers or helping to share the burden of father and mother, or that is, the father and mother would be able to rest a little so that they could help their younger children later, but it happened that this kid when he finished his studies was very inspired by the Dhamma to the point of asking for license from the father and mother not to go to work, wanted to ordain himself monk. Father and Mother, they cried and tried to stop but the son said he had a lot of faith in the Buddha’s religion, “Don’t imped me!”
In the end the parents had to give permission for the son to become a monk, but from my point of view, as far as I’ve read and heard, I feel like they’re probably….(the complete text is too long…)