Reply To: Buddha and humor


Cubibobi wrote: “In my culture, when someone young turns toward Dhamma, it tends to make someone in the family nervous (often times a parent).”

Yes. That is quite common.
– I guess those parents do not comprehend the suffering in the rebirth process.
– Even at the time of the Buddha, many were concerned about too many young people becoming bhikkhus.

That is why it is hard for many people to embrace the true Dhamma.
– They just want to live a “happy life”, do meritorious deeds, and get rebirth in a Deva realm.
– In fact, that is exactly what many Buddhists wish for, unfortunately.
– They do not realize that all those “happy lives” INVARIABLY end up leading to rebirth in the apayas.

As for proceeding on the Path, one will know what to do when the time comes. Each person is different.
– For example, Gatikara became an Anagami. He did not become a bhikkhu because he wanted to take care of his aging parents. Another bhikkhu at the time of the Buddha saw that his parents were going hungry. He started offering part of his meals that receives to his parents and the Buddha approved that.
– I personally know someone in Sri Lanka, who became a bhikkhu recently. He was an engineer and had a wife and two children. He worked overtime for a while to make sure he left enough money for his family before becoming a bhikkhu.