Reply To: Buddha and humor


Other than giving an overview, I cannot be more specific, y not.

I explained that below the Angamai stage, it depends very much on each person.
– Anagami and Arahant stages are much more clearcut.

The only other thing I can say is that the more the attachment, the stronger the (future) suffering.
– In my example of the Anagami, he totally lost one layer of attachment to his wives.
– But he still had some attachment to them, and that is why he agreed to live with them (treating them as his sisters.)

Everyone should think about the following. If X dies, which of the following would bring more suffering?
X is a spouse, child, mother, father, relative, close friend, distant relative/friend, someone whom you know, a total stranger.
– I think the answer is obvious. The more the attachment, the higher the suffering.
– Of course, that does not mean one should forcefully lose attachment to one’s family. Things will be taken care of naturally.
– If someone foolishly decides to cut-off his/her family BY FORCE, for example, that person would be committing an immoral act. That is why I say it will happen naturally.