Reply To: Buddha and humor


My personal opinion about it is that Buddha rather would appeal to someone as such and such to get them into 8 fold Path, like He did with couple who was attached to themselves so much that Buddha showed a man appealing women in higher realms so his desires will drop off for human woman which in the long term he attained Nibbana (as he was told that practicing Dhamma he would be reborn in that higher realm), also there was a person who practiced Dhamma only to become beautiful but at the end of the day attained Arahanthood. I think that Buddha may appeal to someone’s humor if He sees fit in relation to Dhamma but I would not speak about Buddha so casually if it comes to the “jokes and fun” imo it’s good to cheer up rather then dwell in some depressive, unwholesome state of mind under thoughts around apayas and lower realm that may stop one from proper practice.