Reply To: Waharaka Thero English Subs Discourse


Hello Lair,

In case you are not aware, there are TWO sets of videos with English subtitles.

1. The first set is listed in my post dated June 19, 2020 (see above). This set of videos is by Janith Fernando.
– The English (and Sinhala) texts for each video are provided under each video in pdf files (see above).
– By the way, this was done AFTER you and Seng Kiat helped create a document off of the screenshots for the first video. Now, Janith Fernando is sending me the texts and I post them under each video.
– I revised and expanded the first transcript that you and Seng Kiat made. I posted that document on June 18, 2020 (see above).

2. There is a second set of videos by Waharaka TV. They are posted in my post dated July 10, 2020 (see above).
– These have English text only on the video screen.
– No text files are available for these videos.

If it is still not clear, please send me an email. Thanks!