Reply To: Macchariya in Abhidhammattha sangaha


Hello Billy,

The verse that you refer to lists five types of macchariya: macchariya for residences, one’s caste, profit, health, and knowledge.
– One would be reluctant to share any of those with others. So, such a person would try to hide them from others.

Macchariya is sort fo the opposite of issa or jealousy. In that case, one would envious of such possessions of others.

As I said, just like dosa is a manifestation of greed, those are also different manifestations of greed.
– But they are not pure greed (lobha).

When avijja and tanha are removed, lobha, dosa, and all other associated cetasika would not arise.

By the way, raga (kama raga, rupa raga, arupa raga) are lower levels of lobha.
– See, “Lōbha, Dōsa, Mōha versus Rāga, Patigha, Avijjā