Reply To: Macchariya in Abhidhammattha sangaha


The following post is from Billy:

Hi Lal
Really glad to hear from you.
Here this is my reply that disappeared.

(captured from Abhidhamma book and web)

Macchariya (Stinginess)

Dosa, Issa, and Macchariya

Just as I read that book in the Thai translation, I responded a little late because I had to search for an English translation that has the same meaning as Thai.

Abhidhammattha Sangaha in the Abhidhamma schools has been teaching for many decades, which taught that “Macchariya is cetasika, one of the Dosa team because it arises with Dosa citta.” Even the English translation teaches this way too.

But I feel it is wrong Because the opposite of Macchariya is Caga, one of Ariyadhana. I feel that Macchariya is cetasika, one of the Lobha team, and arise with Lobha citta + Miccha ditthi because the one who can completely cut Macchariya is Sotapanna puggala. But I didn’t find that Abhidhamma school would teach like this And the professors here often look at those who do not agree with the books of the Abhidhamma School Is the bad people that destroy Buddha dhamma, so I can only keep in mind until today.

I’ve been following your online writing for four years, but I’m not good at English (100%Thai). I have to use Google Translate every time to write, but I can read and understand the meaning of English immediately (It’s very strange).