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One may be able to look at a given word in different ways.

But pāpa means the opposite of puñña.
– A pāpa kamma is a highly-immoral kamma that will lead to rebirth in an apaya.
– A puñña kamma will lead to rebirth in good realms.
– See the post referred to in my first comment above.

The Buddha and his disciples called the Māra Devaputta pāpi Māra” or pāpima“because the Māra Devaputta encourages people to stay in kama loka.

See, for example, “Māratajjanīya Sutta (MN 50)
– From the two translations there, the following is a bit better: “Discourse On A Rebuke To Māra

Pāpa kamma discussed in, “Mahāli Sutta (AN 10.47)” for example.