Reply To: GANDHABBA – 1 or 2 pieces are missing in (my) puzzle


Mahendran asked: “Aren’t Our gathi and inherited abilities for certain subject areas such as music, dance,languages, maths etc etc..partly due to the genes of the parents?”

No. It is the other way around.

Gandhabba had cultivated such gati in previous lives.

A gandhabba is drawn into a womb that has a zygote which maximizes the possibility of continuing the “gati” of the gandhabba.
– That zygote has a set of chromosomes, half of which is from the mother and half from the father.
– But those chromosomes dictate mostly the physical features.
– Matching of other types of gati is determined by kammic energy.
– Some physical features as well as “gati” could come from mother or father. Some gati could be just the gati of gandhabba.
– Once born, that baby’s gati could be changed due to the influence of both mother and father (and others in the family, friends, etc).

See the first several posts in the section “Origin of Life

Those posts will answer the following question as a resounding YES: “Does it mean that gandhabba will also contribute to the abilities and the nature of the personality as a whole in addition?”

Mostly the physical features of the baby will be determined by the chromosomes. Gandhabba has its own gati.
– But of course, kammic process will try to match gati as well. But that is never going to be even close. Even the mother and father would have different gati. That “matching” would be a very broad overlap.

It is a complex process. We can only get a rough idea.