Reply To: Anagami stage skipped


All three questions presume that jhanas are necessary to attain magga phala. That is not correct.

1. First, jhana are two types: Ariya and anariya.

2. One can attain magga phala (Anagami, Arahant, etc.) without attaining any type of jhana.
– The ability to get into jhana comes with practicing to get to jhana.
– It also depends on whether one had cultivated jhana in recent previous lives.

Therefore, some Anagamis may never get into a jhana. Even an Anagami who has cultivated jhana, will not be in jhana all the time.
– Losing kama raga is different from getting into a jhana.
– An Anagami would not have kama raga whether in a jhana or not.

All other questions need to be analyzed the same way.

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