Reply To: How to get rid of ego (asmi mana)


Yes. Christian.

There are three types of distortions (vipallasa) that arise due to taking the world to be of “nicca, sukha, atta” nature, instead of anicca, dukkha, anatta (real nature).
– There are three levels of comprehension. Roughly speaking, one removes the wrong views (ditthi vipallasa) about them at the Sotapanna stage. Then sanna vipallasa removed at the Anagami stage and citta vipallasa removed at the Arahant stage.

A Sotapanna or a Sakadagami has NOT removed the sanna for sensory pleasures (that is why they are reborn in kama loka). In other words, he/she may UNDERSTAND that those are not worth pursuing. But they just cannot help enjoying sensory pleasures. That means they have not removed the “SANNA vipallasa”. That means “confusion on PERCEPTIONS about wrong/unfruitful activities”.

I will get to discuss vipallasa in upcoming posts in the pancakkhandha section.