Reply To: Post on Dhammapada 21 / Appamādō Amata Padam….


Hello Tobias!

Those four factors help in one’s efforts to attain Nibbana. They are due to past puñña kamma. I just added a reference to that post.

The FIVE factors sati, saddha, panna, samadhi, viriya are called Pañca Indriya. They are discussed at, “Pañca Indriya and Pañca Bala – Five Faculties and Five Powers.”

Pañca Indriya needs to be cultivated.
– Of course, those four factors āyu (age), vaṇṇa (lively), sukha (comfort), bala (ability) help cultivate the Pañca Indriya.

The Pali word for age is āyu. I had used the Sinhala word āyusa. I made that revision too.